Who We Are


The first 30 years have been a period of growth and development. Sankyo Corporation was established in 1953 with Fujiki Co., Ltd. as the parent company and with the capital participation of Nippon Yusen K.K. and Mitsubishi Logistics Corp. During this period, we rapidly established offices in Tokyo, Chiba, and Kawasaki Ports. We also established our Tokyo Branch and Sapporo offices together with terminals at Odaiba, Daikoku, Ogijima and Keiyo areas. We established our Tokyo Lumber Terminal office in 1975 and our Oi Fishery Terminal in 1976. Our Osaka Sales Office was established in 1978. In 1980, we completed Odaiba Warehouse No. 4 and East Ogijima Terminal. Odaiba Warehouse No. 6 was completed in 1981.
We further expanded our organization and began globalizing during this period.
Capital investment was increased to 215million yen in 1983. It was also this year that Mitsui O.S. K. Lines joined our group by participating in capital investment. We established our office in Seattle in 1989 and acquired CLEARFreight (US) in 1992. Other highlights during this period include: commencement of intermodal reefer container transportation in 1984; establishment of our Fukuoka Sales Office; opening of Omi Distribution Center; commencement of Funabashi Chuo Futo Office; establishment of Akanehama Terminal; opening of Sendai Office, The World Distribution Center Warehouse and Shinminato Terminal. We further globalized by establishing our Dalian office in 1995 and invested in Dalian Shingamas International Container Co., Ltd. In 2004, we invested in Dalian International Container Service Co., Ltd.
During this time, we established our Yokohama Branch South Honmoku Liaison Office. In 2008, we were awarded the Green Management Certification (Daikoku Terminal Office and Chiba Branch, Keiyo Office). Green Management Certification was awarded to our Odaiba Office and Kawasaki Lumber Branch Office in 2009.
We opened our office in Bangkok in 2009. Furthermore, to cope with the changes in time, we changed our company name from Sankyo Transportation Co., Ltd. to Sankyo Corporation.
We consider this period as a time of Corporate Governance.
In this period, we speeded up expantion of our business globally.
We have opened Sankyo Global Logistics (Canada),Inc. and acquired South Fraser Container Services (2005) Ltd. in April 2012. Also BTL Sankyo Global Company Limited was jointly established with Bangkok Terminal Logistics Co., Ltd. and Sankyo Global Logistics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. with Yang Kee Group.
In May 2013, Sankyo celebrated 60th anniversary.